I have lots of blogs but am not very good at keeping them updated 🙂  Oh well, it depends on the function.  Some people blog for money, and some people blog for publicity, but this blog is more of a repository for all the before-and-after photos, book reviews, notes, dreams, etc.  More of a public journal!

I moved in with my husband when I was still the fiancee (scandal! sin!), and since then we have (in a random order):

  • Added shade and vegetable plants
  • Mulched the heck out of the dead area by the garage and all the flower beds
  • Started a compost bin
  • Added sheet compost in our rather dead bed that grew pathetic puny plants
  • Pulled up the landscape fabric in nearly all beds
  • Planted basil and strawberries in pots
  • Assembled and put out our patio furniture
  • Checked out a crapload of gardening books from the library and read or thoroughly skimmed.  I will transfer all my reviews over to here.
  • More?  I feel like there’s been more . . .

So anyway, keep your eyes open for our successes, failures, bizarre ideas (ok, my bizarre ideas), etc.!

New e-mail subscribers, I don’t know how many previous items Feedburner sends out upon subscription, so sorry if you get a lot of content off the bat as I transfer stuff over.