Cover of Gaias Garden

Cover of Gaia's Garden

This book was outstanding.  It was a fantastic blend of how to make your yard into a lush food forest and why to do the things he recommends.  I loved the chapters on soil and water.  I also liked how he made mention of chickens and other animals but didn’t dedicate so much space to it like other books (not where we’re at with the process right now, so we just skip all the farm animal talk).  I loved how he presented, explained, and recapped his ideas at the end.  I can see how this would be a totally overwhelming book for a first book with these concepts.  Though far from an expert, at least I’ve read several related books in the last few months so the terms and ideas he presents are not totally unfamiliar.  Still, the gardens he’s talking about take lots of vision and lots of dedication to that vision.

I read the first edition, but just bought the second edition.  I don’t know if there are any differences yet other than the color used in printing, but am excited to find out!  ETA:  Yes, there is a whole exciting additional chapter called “Permaculture in the City!”  This is such good news – I am in a city!!  🙂  Plus within that chapter there is a whole large-ish section of advice on how to use what we in the Twin Cities call the boulevard, though he calls it the parking strip – that piece of land between the sidewalk and the street.  We have a lot of this land being on a corner lot, so I was so happy to see it recognized and get some real tips for it.  Plus, one of the ideas he presents is an idea I had already thought up all on my own for improved water harvesting (to lower the sidewalk a little along the sidewalk, like a mini-swale, to catch the runoff during stronger rains).