At the AWESOME price of $45 each!!!!!  Recycling Minnesota is offering a price of $65 and then the Capitol Watershed District is giving another $20 per barrel of after that.  There are other deals for Ramsey/Washington County residents, too, so make sure you look at the Recycling Association of Minnesota‘s webpage if you are interested.

I got one to go under each downspout.  We will see if it is overkill, but at this price, I knew I would kick myself if we didn’t max out the deal now.  DH is none too keen on modifying the downspouts, but at least we have a month to get that done.  I can ruminate on how to do it efficiently because I know we’ll have to attach the long spouts again for fall/winter/early spring (freezy times).  If it’s too much work or something only he can do since I’m Ms. Shorty, then that wouldn’t be good!