Winter 2010

  • Convert existing containers to SWCs
  • Contact Capitol Watershed District re: rain barrel grant
  • Make box for back railing
  • Winter sow seeds for next year
  • Source some twigs to make cool supports
  • Grow some lettuce inside
  • Keep reading!  Keep learning!  Keep lusting after a wild food yard!

Fall 2009

  • Chop and mulch with fallen leaves
  • Cover crop on the newly sheet mulched bed?
  • Put down pavers for garbage can
  • Bag and keep leaves for next year? None left.  Put all on beds and mowed rest into lawn.  We shall see!

Summer 2009

  • Finish painting bird houses
  • Put up bird houses
  • Make or buy a bat house and put it up
  • Get a fence!  Get a fence!
  • Plant the nasturtiums and put in some lettuce or something in the pot too Well, never got around to the lettuce, but got the nasturiums in.
  • Try to make some kind of a self-watering container and see how it works.
  • Decide about what to do along the alley – continue to research berries.  Sheet mulch to prep for next year?
  • Continue to research cover crops.  Should we use? Nope, not in the case of the alley right now.

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