Surprisingly, as much about activism as it is about gardening. Strong on the why, and not as strong on the how. For example, I appreciated the big picture lessons like to improve your soil before rushing to plant. But I had to go to the Internet to flesh out the details of HOW to improve my soil.  Not high on the to-buy list, but a quick read and if you are only in it for the gardening tips, you only have to read about half of it anyway.


I just got done devouring this lovely little book, which I happened upon simply because I wanted a better understanding of what lasagna gardening is and her other, more popular book already had many holds on it at the library.  Turns out this one is perfect for us!  Since we are novices, this book is great because she gives a ton of practical tips and doesn’t get bogged down in technical or philosophical stuff.  She has nice little lists of “Pat’s Picks” for annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits and berries – all with space-challenged gardeners in mind.  She actually explains how to espalier (or train on a flat wall) a fruit tree.  And since it’s published by Rodale, it’s all organic techniques, especially important to me because we are on a corner lot with two storm drains going to the Mississippi.  I will be buying this book – now my to-purchase list is growing quite long!

The Urban Homestead

The Urban Homestead

This spring I got this book on my then-fiance’s recommendation, who spotted it in the Piragis catalog. I loved it! I skipped some sections, like livestock and foraging, and focused on the gardening section. I learned so much and it validated things I was planning to do but was unsure about, like having pulled up our landscape fabric and wanting to mix veggies in with the flowers. So many good ideas.

What this book really had going for it, as far as a novice like me is concerned, is the simple how-tos, complete with diagrams and step-by-step descriptions. It gets into the why just enough for understanding to start to take root, but not overwhelm.

I plan to buy this one – and that’s saying a lot for me!!  There have been several instances when I’ve wanted to consult it and it is at the library.